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RHoK in Latin America

Random Hacks of Kindness,  a global community of computer experts that develop practial open technology for social good, is now partnering with Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente  (The Smart Citizen Foundation) to support their efforts in Latin America.
Based in Santiago, Chile, Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente was founded with the goal to promote transparency.  FCI encourages citizens to utilize information and communication technologies to join the organization’s cause and networks with organizations that work in themes of transparency, technology, and social good throughout Latin America.
Random Hacks of Kindness has been responsible for sharing open-source technologies mostly related to water management: flood warning systems,  supply-demand water planning, maximized utilization of non-potable water for crop irrigation systems, ect.  In one particular project, these technological tools are meeting the tangible needs of the citizens of Peru.
In Peru, water resources management is a major issue.  Over 98% of the country’s annual renewable water resources is available east of the Andes Mountains, in the Amazon region.  This leaves the coastal area of Peru, home to most of the major Peruvian economic activity and half of the country’s population, with less than 1.8% of the national freshwater renewable resources.  RHoK is working to create a crowdsourced bank of hydrology maps online that will enable more efficient water usage and planning, thus stopping the increasing toll that economic and population growth take on the inaccessible water resources.
The Developing Latin America event will bring together developers, designers, and members of civil society from 6 Latin American countries to find innovative technological solutions for the social good of their country and region. All 6 event locations will participate in the upcoming RHoK Global December 2011 event where they will have an opportunity to collaborate with peers around the world.

Solutions in Latin America:

The sharing of open source technologies like the ones being utilized by RHoK and FCI offer the promise of rapid development in these areas for the true benefit of society, allowing people’s needs for water to be met more efficiently.

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