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About Us

Our firm’s goal is to maximize your organization’s performance through transformation.

For companies seeking to build or reexamine their outsourcing mix or reform internal processes, ThinkSolutions offers a team of battle-tested experts with extensive experience in strategic cost reduction, internal services transformation, and the complete sourcing transaction spectrum including supplier selection, negotiations, transition, and implementation.

ThinkSolutions’ holistic approach to organizational assessment examines the organization, delivery capabilities, alignment with the business strategy, financial analysis and future requirements to provide clients with an executable set of detailed recommendations.  ThinkSolutions advisors are expert negotiators who bring invaluable insight to the execution of sourcing transactions. For clients interested in nearshoring or expanding a global sourcing portfolio, ThinkSolutions provides market data, processes, tools, and consultants with extensive experience in Latin America to rationalize a client’s sourcing portfolio and determine the optimal solution. With a comprehensive governance process that focuses on metrics, service levels, accountability, planning, and negotiations, ThinkSolutions strengthens the client-supplier relationship, aiming to make clients self-sufficient in the management of suppliers.  By bringing marketplace expertise to their teams, ThinkSolutions’ clients achieve best-in-class partnerships with suppliers and deals that meet their business and financial objectives over the short and long term.

Nearshore Rankings

Each quarter, we rank 19 Latin American countries based on their appeal as outsourcing and shared services destinations.

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