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IBM Wins 7-Year Cemex Deal and Acquires Large IT Provider

IBM and Cemex just signed a recording-breaking deal in the nearshoring space. Under the terms of the agreement, IBM will provide IT and BPO Services for Cemex for the next 7 years and acquire Cemex subsidiary IT consulting company Neoris. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Cemex is the world’s (more…)

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Costa Rica: A Proven Track Record

Tony Mataya, managing partner of ThinkSolutions, spoke today in a webinar sponsored by the Outsourcing Institute, providing insight into his experience in Costa Rica. He addressed the following questions: • Why is LATAM considered a key source for services? • What are the most important requirements when (more…)

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Another Reason to Nearshore?

Indian IT Attrition Rates Reach 55% by Kate Shearer, Analyst When Frank Casale, CEO of the Outsourcing Institute, asked an executive for an Indian service provider to name the biggest challenge his company faces, his answer was attrition, at an almost reflexive speed.  High turnover on a (more…)

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RHoK in Latin America

Random Hacks of Kindness,  a global community of computer experts that develop practial open technology for social good, is now partnering with Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente  (The Smart Citizen Foundation) to support their efforts in Latin America. Based in Santiago, Chile, Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente was founded with the goal to promote (more…)

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Violence in Mexico

Uncovering the True Story   “On a sunny afternoon this month, a group of gunmen drove into a slum in the north of Mexico City, the streets packed with shoppers and children leaving school. In plain sight, the killers lined three crack cocaine dealers against a wall and shot (more…)

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Nearshoring Destinations Index

ThinkSolutions, a management consulting firm with thought leadership in outsourcing, offshoring, and nearshoring, released its second quarterly report of “The Best Nearshoring Destinations.” Each quarter, the firm ranks 19 Latin American countries based on their appeal as outsourcing and shared services destinations, scoring the countries on 19 (more…)

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Sourcing F & A

Is it a good strategy and how do we do it right? By Tony Mataya, Managing Partner Of all the business processes to source, those in finance and accounting often raise the highest level of concern within organizations. Some firms refuse to consider F&A outsourcing (FAO) based (more…)

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Tony Mataya Chosen in Nearshore Americas Power 50

October 30, 2011 Nearshore Americas named industry advisor Tony Mataya among the top 50 influential nearshoring professionals in the 2011 Power 50 ranking.  Mr. Mataya was chosen for his understanding of the nearshoring climate as well as his “reliance on hard data to understand trends,” according to (more…)

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Nearshore Rankings

Each quarter, we rank 19 Latin American countries based on their appeal as outsourcing and shared services destinations.

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