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Governance is one of the most critical success factors in outsourcing services to a third party.

The management of the relationship between the client and supplier typically requres new approaches, processes, focus, and skillsets.  Client staff and management are used to resolve problems and issues directly.  In the outsourced relationship, the client must leverage the supplier to resolve the issue

We have developed detailed processes that provide a foundation for formalizing the governance team.  We bring 25+ years of experience in assisting clients with implementing those processes and adapting them to their specific situation.  Our process diagrams and text templates provide effective on-the-job training for team members.

Our goal is to make the client self-sufficient in managing the supplier, however, we support our clients on an ongoing basis and can provide issue resolution, periodic checkpoints, and training to the governance team.

We offer flexible delivery options from on-site and hands-on to on-call advisors.  Contact us and we will discuss your situation.




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Each quarter, we rank 19 Latin American countries based on their appeal as outsourcing and shared services destinations.

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