Faced with managing legacy systems, contemplating SAP or another ERP, and accelerated business demands, many clients know transformation is required to survive and compete.

Most clients have a mix of in-house delivery and outsourced services, but the organization has not kept up. Skills that were sought after a few years ago are no longer needed. Social networking is exploding and business is demanding a strategy. Most management teams need to focus on strategy more than ever before, but the operational complexity occupies more than the total work day.  We have assisted clients with assessing their current situation, developing a transformation plan, and implementing the plan. The changes are significant, so change management and communication are critical.

Our holistic approach to organizational assessment looks at the organization, internal and external delivery capabilities, alignment with the business strategy, financial environment, and future requirements. The output is an objective review of the current environment and an executable set of detailed recommendations, including “quick hits” and medium and long-term impact items. We also perform risk management workshops to identify risks and mitigation strategies.

The Transformation Plan includes the business case based on balanced criteria to best meet the business challenges while containing risk to obtain optimal results. We can then help your team execute the plan or provide guidance as required. We don’t just make recommendations, we help make them happen. We help determine if the project can be justified. It is often possible to fund much of the transformation from the benefits achieved. If the justification is not there, we’ll tell you that as well. Our honest and objective advice is what helps us maintain long term relationships with our clients.