We provide an objective, data-driven approach to look at the financials, services portfolio, organization, and governance to establish a baseline for comparison and identify potential initiatives for improvement.

Our senior advisors work directly with all levels of your organization to recommend strategies that will work. We have “skin in the game” because we will join your team through implementation or help to make your team self-sufficient to execute it internally. If you already use strategic consultants, we can work with them or we can independently develop executable approaches to implement their recommended strategies.

  • Should we deliver services in-house, implement shared services, or outsource? Maybe it is a combination?
  • We may be considering an acquisition; what will the impact be to our services delivery? Where can we extract value and gain some quick wins?
  • Which services offer the best potential for driving out costs? Should we offshore or nearshore the services?
  • Our outsourcing deal doesn’t seem to be meeting the objectives we originally set.  What are our options?
  • Our business model is changing. We need our support services to keep pace and help us reduce time to market. What do we need to do and how can we do it quickly?
  • We have a shared services organization but how can we operate more like a commercial provider?